What is coaching?

Coaching is about partnering with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential

In a coaching conversation we navigate beyond surface events and behaviour to understand the way you and/or your team see the world and its challenges and how this may block you from moving forward.

Becoming unstuck from any limiting beliefs and assumptions can free you to take new action.

One of our key roles as a coach is to be fully present in conversation with our clients, to listen deeply and create a safe, non-judgmental environment to allow for insight and meaningful development to occur.

What to expect from coaching

Coaching is distinct from advising, mentoring and counselling and does not require the coach to have the same technical background as the client.

Coaching programmes are designed to move towards specific outcomes and over a pre-determined period of time. The ultimate aim is to equip you or your team to continue to navigate on your own after the coaching programme has been completed, allowing you to course-correct and generate your own solutions as challenges arise.

Coaching is not just about the sessions. Much of the work happens between sessions where you will follow agreed steps to develop self-awareness and build capacity and competence.

Coaching is a skilful way to access new possibility. Coaching allows you to expand how you observe your world and how you impact and influence others. It works from the basis that you are filled with potential and can uncover your own possibilities and solutions by expanding the lens through which you see your situation.

Coaching can be uncomfortable and there may be times that you feel stretched and challenged. Think of this discomfort as “growing pains”. Engage openly with your coach and provide feedback regarding how you are responding or reacting so that the coaching programme can be tailored appropriately.

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